While it might not be every day that I post, despite Cada Día Carolina meaning Everyday Caroline, it is describing the everyday life that I’m living!

I’m not a professional writer and that isn’t my goal. (But if you work for Travel + Leisure and love me that is my dream; call me!!) So bear with me as I try to convey my thoughts and experiences in the most eloquent way possible.

I wanted this summer to be about seeing new cultures and immersing myself in it while growing professionally. Becoming an au pair seemed like the perfect way to bring the two together.  From June 7 to August 2, I will be living in Alcazar de San Juan, Ciudad Real, Spain with the Fernández family. While living with them, I’ll completely immerse myself in their lives: I eat with them, live with them, travel with them.  All the while, I’ll be nannying their children to help them learn and improve their English.

Watch for food, people, and my travel around Spain with the Fernández family!