Hey, I’m Caroline

I’m a 21 year old student at the University of Alabama trying her hand at living abroad with someone she doesn’t know for an entire summer. I love my pajamas Dr. Pepper. I have the best dog in the world (Dukester) and the sweetest family, friends, and boyfriend.  I love Crossfit, but I have a love-hate relationship with actually attending (but it’s great once I get there!)  I’m a human development major with a specialization in family studies so I love kids and I think how different parenting can make a kid turn out is super interesting.  I love to travel and it’s a flame that has been well-fanned by my parents. I’m a history goober just like my parents and so there will probably be a lot of that too.

Baptism by fire

I leave at the end of May for a family trip and go from that trip to Spain to be with the Fernández family. I’ve traveled abroad before, but never as extensively as this summer.  My family and I will start in Germany, move to Austria, back to Germany, then Poland.  Daddy and I are then spending a few days in Madrid before he takes me to the Fernández family where I will stay  for two whole months.  A week in Haiti and 10 days in Italy have not prepared me.